When they pitched season four and they were talking about the prison goes down and everything and having Daryl and Beth be partnered together…it’s interesting, I get to see all the cuts. I see all the edits from the director’s cut onward and I loved the scene in the kitchen when the two of them are talking and I got the sense that Daryl was starting to fall in love with Beth a little bit. -Greg Nicotero



There are five kinds of TV shows on you dashboard:

  1. The ones you watch
  2. The ones you don’t watch but you enjoy the gifsets anyway
  3. The ones you feel indifferent about
  4. The ones you end up hating, blocking and never watching because of too many gifsets
  5. The ones you watch whole in just one week because once you saw a gifset of two guys making out
me: [makes list of TV shows i should start watching]
me: [re-watches every single episode of a show i've already seen]


It’s very sad when a TV show that you used to love reaches the point where, instead of getting all excited and praising the writers and plots and characters for hours, the best thing you can honestly say when someone asks you about it is, “Well, hopefully they won’t fuck it up TOO badly…”

Just one, I’m a few. No family, too. Who am I?

You’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon


Klebekah AW Day III  (Favorite Flashback): Italy

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